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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Universe and Humanity - Church of Thor Cosmology

I would categorize my belief in Thor as heavily influenced by Joseph Campbell-ian thought process. 

Thor to me represents a carnal human identity. He represents both my living subconscious and the underlining immensity of our shared ancestry. The unspoken willpower of the dead. 

In this way I see him as an anthropomorphized concept of Humanity. He is not the idealized Earth-Gaia people are prone to talk about. Not some harmonious force of nature. This concept of Gaia is a lie.
Life is not harmonious. Life is war. 
99% of all species who have ever existed are now extinct. Extinction is the norm.

The cold physical universe is entirely apathetic to our existence. It is the ultimate in Lovecraftian Deity. Incapable of empathy and vast beyond all imagination - it neither endeavored to create us, nor will it endeavor to destroy us. That doesn't mean it wouldn't destroy us in an instant, merely that if it did it wasn't on purpose. No more than when you crush an ant beneath your foot on your way to work. 

It is against this Universe of physics and matter that life wars. A bitter war of survival since life's first inception. A million choices, a million combinations; life rages against an apathetic and hostile universe.

That does not mean life is harmonious within itself. Nor that it is even our friend. 
For while the Universe might accidentally destroy us; Mother Nature would do it on purpose. 

Life's War Against the Universe is so draconian that Mother Nature can afford neither empathy or sympathy. Individual species are merely weapons in Natures arsenal. Constantly tested and refined in a process known as Natural Selection. It is through this competitive process that we earn our right to exist. Mother Nature constantly tries to destroy us so that when the Universe finally does do something - we are hardy enough to survive. 

We forget this in our modern world. If Mother Nature could destroy us it would destroy us. 
Mother Nature, my personification of the process of life, has no special love for humanity. 

It is into this cosmic war that humanity was born. 

In the heavily jungled Africa a small sub-group of ancestral primates moved onto the plains. The adapted to this new environment and became upright. Their feet became their defining attribute. 

At the time their were numerous primate species and there was no reason to believe this specific species was anything special. Indeed they themselves were limited to the plains, which made up only a small amount of this primordial Africa. 

But then the climate shifted. The forests of Africa shrunk and the plains grew. A vast Savannah formed that only one primate group was capable of utilizing. The marginalized plains-primates soon became the primary primate species. 
We had won this early position of prominence because we gambled on the plains. Our species could have relaxed, we could have became complacent. This was a great and resounding victory. Our permanence had been assured. If we did stop there, we'd be similar to up-right walking gorilla's or chimpanzees. Plains-primates. 

Instead we continued to adapt. Over the next few million years our brain's grew constantly. Finally we achieved a new level of consciousness. Once we understood how to utilize our new intelligence, we once more won a great battle over our competitors in Nature. 

Each generation of hominid worked towards our gradual accession. We might be the result of Life's struggle with the Universe - but we did not struggle so that life could win without us. 

We fought for ourselves. We fought for our version of life. We lived and survived for humanity - for each other. It is from our human drive to survive that Thor comes. The spirit of Man. 
From the striving of our ancestors to the vigor of our still pumping blood - he is the embodiment of our past and future accessions. 

We are still in the midst of this very real cosmic war. The Giants still threaten our Shores. 
The time for illogical dogmatic deities who encourage alienation, tribal entitlement and esoteric elitism is over. 
Drop your haughty religious exclusivity and pick up the Hammer of Thor to join him this day in the only battle that truly counts.
The future of the human race. 

We may have forgotten Thor, but he never forgot us. 

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